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Hurray (bis)

by Peter on August 12, 2009

Two Hurray’s today.

The first hurray is because I have a bike. Last week I applied for a bike in the Spokes bike bursary program and today I received an email that I will get one. The idea is that you get a bike, you put some time and money in maintenance, and afterwards you give it back to Spokes in better condition than you got it, so that they can give it to someone else. The program is entirely run by volunteers. They get old, unwanted, bikes, refurbish them, and provide them to students and staff of the University of Victoria. Thus a bike can have many lives.

I’m really happy with this, because I feel a little ‘trapped’ on the campus, right now. Of course, I can take the bus to Victoria downtown and walk around there, but the bus is a very inflexible way of transportation. A bike is much more flexible. This will enlarge my ‘radius of action’ considerably.

The second hurray is because we have new washing machines. When I first checked the machines, shortly after my arival, I was a bit worried. The machines were quite old and I was not really confident to put my ‘delicate clothes’ in it. But then a note appeared on the door of the laundry room, announcing that the machines would be replaced by new ones. So, I waited for that. Now, they are there. The new machines really are a big improvement.



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  1. Mariecke permalink

    Great that you now have a bike there.

    I also read that your research group is very interesting.

    A lot of succes! I keep following your blog.

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