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Peter van Kranenburg, PhD, MSc, MA.


Almost everyone is affected by music in various ways. As musicologist I am interested in how and why we make and experience music, and as computer scientist, I investigate how we can use computers to support research on music.

I am continuously searching to connect humanities and scientific approaches, which is a very intriguing challenge. I have developed a method to automatically recognize the personal style of certain classical composers. Also, I have worked on analyzing melodies that are used to recite the Qur’an, and I developed a way to compute to what extent two melodies are similar.

I like to do research and I am always looking for new ways to employ computational methods to better understand music and musical behavior.

Currently, I am lecturer Information Science at Utrecht University, and leader of the [ORGANS] and [TUNES] pilots in the Polifonia project, at the Meertens Institute.

Research Interests
Computational musicology, folk song research, digital organology, modeling of musical style, music information retrieval, music and religion.

Current affiliations
Researcher Dutch Song Culture, Meertens Instituut, Amsterdam. EU Polifonia Project.
Lecturer Information Science, Utrecht University.

Past affiliation
2011-2016: Postdoctoral Researcher in the KNAW-funded Tunes & Tales project.
2010-2016: Researcher at the the Meertens Institute, Amsterdam.
2006-2010: Ph.D. Student at Utrecht University in the WITCHCRAFT project.
2009, July-October: Visiting Ph.D. Student at University of Victoria, Canada.
2005-2006: Secretaris Bachelorprogramma at Evangelical Theological Faculty, Leuven.

2006-2010: Universtiy of Utrecht: Ph.D. Studies.
2000-2004: University of Utrecht: Musicology (MA 2004 cum laude)
1995-2003: Delft University of Technology: Electrical Engineering (MSc 2003)
1989-1995: Wartburg College (Revius) VWO